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Eats: Toast

121 Nantasket Ave
Hull, MA 02045



Toast is a store-front restaurant located in the ground floor of the Horizons condo complex directly across the street from Nantasket Beach. You can see the ocean from through the large windows at the front of the restaurant. The vibe is casual, bright and family friendly. There are about 10 tables plus 5 or 6 stools at a counter. Toast is open for breakfast and lunch Tuesdays through Sundays. They take credit cards so don’t worry about having to remember to drag your sleepy head to an ATM before getting your morning coffee fix.

The breakfast menu’s offerings average around $7 per entree. There are a selection of omelets, egg sandwiches, pancakes and other dishes. We order two of the options from under the Toast Specialties heading. The “burnt toast” ($6.50) is creme brulee battered french toast with caramelized sugar. Four thick slices of french toast were served sprinkled with powdered sugar. The french toast had a sweet crackly thin crust of sugar giving it that creme brulee feel. The french toast is served with real maple syrup, so bonus points to Toast for not forcing us to use the imitation stuff.

 “The white omelet” ($8.50)  is an egg white omelet with chicken sausage, spinach, and jalapeno jack cheese. The omelet comes with hash brown potatoes and your choice of toast. For a place named Toast, they fittingly have a nice selection to chose from for toast: English muffin, dark or marble rye, sourdough, multi-grain, whole wheat, raisin pecan, white, or Texas toast.  I went with the sourdough toast, since it’s one of my favorites. The has browns were the shredded potato variety and were a hit with us. They were fried up to just the right level of crispiness. The omelet itself was very flavorful and packed with chunks of juicy chicken sausage. My only complaint might be that there was a bit too much cheese in the omelet for my taste. I usually love cheese, so maybe I wasn’t in a super cheesy mood that morning. 😉


Service is on the slow side on Sundays since the place fills up and they can only push so much food out of the small kitchen at a time. We had to wait about half an hour between ordering our food and it arriving in front of us.  For me it was worth the wait, but my husband might take some convincing!