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Eats: BanQ


1375 Washington Street Boston, MA 02118



We decided to go out for a celebratory dinner to celebrate my recent raise and his new car. (errrrm toy, its really HIS new toy… he says that I can drive it sometimes, but we’ll see how often that happens!). I selected BanQ.  Its currenlty on the Hot Spots list at BanQ in a former Penny Savings Bank space in the South End.  It has a vibe quite unlike other places in Boston…a casual, exotic, modern elegance.  The front portion of the restaurant is the bar area with several pub eight tables and cafe doors that open onto Washington Street. The dining room is in the back and has high-walled booths lining 2 of the walls and bamboo tables and low-backed chairs throughout the rest of the space. There is a floor to ceiling curtain at the back of the room creating a more private dining space for special events. The ceiling of the entire restaurant is covered in layers of curved birch panels that are oddly remniscent of those wooden dinosaur skeletons that they sell in fancy toy stores.

BanQ serves French food with an Asian twist. The menu features appitizers, and entrees divided into two areas: Cosmopolitan Taste and Spice Menu.  We ordered our meal and then were were brought some complimentary mini naans with a sun-dried tomato raita. These just might be enough to get me to come back and eat a meal or 2 at the bar.

Mini naans with dipping raita


Reads: Peony in Love

A Novel Peony in Love: A Novel by Lisa See

rating: 4 of 5 stars
I give Lisa See’s latest novel  3.5 stars, but since goodreads doesn’t support 1/2 stars AND I am feeling generous, I will round it up to 4. I read See’s novel “Snow Flower & the Secret Fan” last year for another book club and overall enjoyed that one more.

Good things about Peony in Love:

1) Obviously well researched on 17th century China, in particular the lives of women of that time.

2) A new euphenism for S-E-X: Clouds and rain

3) Made me happy to have been born in 20th century America where I can wear my size 8 kitten heels without being ashamed of the size of my GIGANTIC feet.

Not so good things, in my opinion:

1) The first part of the book was a bit slow going with all its talk of the plot of the opera The Peony Pavilion.

2) I never really connected with the main character Peony she seemed boring and dull… forever mooning for her one true love that she met for all of 5 minutes.

3) I felt See kept pounding it into my skull how much Peony’s life followed the plot of The Peony Pavilion. I get the point already!

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Take-Out Talk: Indian Delight

Indian Delight

428 Washington Street Weymouth, MA 02188

web site:

Due to the unceasing headache that I’d been battling all day I wasn’t up for cooking Sunday dinner.  So, I had the mister stop off at Indian Delight to pick up some take out. 

We have eaten in the dining room at Indian Delight a few times. They must do a steady take-out business since I’ve never seen more than 2 parties in the dining room in the several years that they’ve been open. It is kind of awkward… I always wait for crickets to start chirping or something to fill the silence. As far take-out goes, you can do much worse than Indian Delight in Weymouth.   Indian Delight is something different than the plethora of Pizza and Chinese joints. It is one of the few Indian restaurants on the South Shore.

Indian Delight Take-Out