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My Top Music of 2010

A couple of weeks late for this 2010 round-up post, but here goes.  According to Last.FM my top 10 most listened to artists of 2010 were:

  1. The NationalI particularly like the song Conversation 16.  What is not to like about a song that mentions eating brains??
  2. New Order – one of my all time favorite groups
  3. Arcade Fire along with The National’s latest album, the new Arcade Fire album was one of my most listened to new albums of 2010
  4. Radiohead – another favorite I can listen to over and over again each year
  5. The Beatles my mom loved them and so do I!
  6. Iron & Wine–  good music to relax to. sure to calm you down….maybe a bit too much. Plus you gotta love that beard. 😉
  7. Bjork – love her unique sound
  8. LCD Soundsystem – always gets me up and moving
  9. Joy Division – with New Order on this list it is not that unexpected to find their spawn Joy Division here as well.  Listening to Joy Division always makes me think of the movie 24 Hour Party People. It also makes me think of the Wombats song “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”
  10. Amy Winehouse – I know she isn’t the ideal role model, but I still like her music. It sets a certain mood.


What music did you find yourself listening to a lot over the past year?  Discover any new music that you love and care to share with me?