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My Top Music of 2010

A couple of weeks late for this 2010 round-up post, but here goes.  According to Last.FM my top 10 most listened to artists of 2010 were:

  1. The NationalI particularly like the song Conversation 16.  What is not to like about a song that mentions eating brains??
  2. New Order – one of my all time favorite groups
  3. Arcade Fire along with The National’s latest album, the new Arcade Fire album was one of my most listened to new albums of 2010
  4. Radiohead – another favorite I can listen to over and over again each year
  5. The Beatles my mom loved them and so do I!
  6. Iron & Wine–  good music to relax to. sure to calm you down….maybe a bit too much. Plus you gotta love that beard. 😉
  7. Bjork – love her unique sound
  8. LCD Soundsystem – always gets me up and moving
  9. Joy Division – with New Order on this list it is not that unexpected to find their spawn Joy Division here as well.  Listening to Joy Division always makes me think of the movie 24 Hour Party People. It also makes me think of the Wombats song “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”
  10. Amy Winehouse – I know she isn’t the ideal role model, but I still like her music. It sets a certain mood.


What music did you find yourself listening to a lot over the past year?  Discover any new music that you love and care to share with me?

Lazy Sunday…with occasional stirring

Today is pretty close to the epitome of my perfect “lazy” autumn Sunday. You must understand me a little to know why I put the word lazy in quotes. I don’t quite know how to sit around and do absolutely nothing. It’s just not in me, sorry.  That is why I may never master the fine art of meditation.

Today we woke up bright and early in our typical fashion (just try to do anything else with a 10-month old in the house) and headed out to grab a quick breakfast and then hit Whole Foods to do our preliminary Thanksgiving dinner shopping…buying all the stuff that won’t go bad between now and then (cheese, rice, nuts, apples, sweet potatoes, turnips, parsnips) and staring longingly at the lovely produce that I hope will still be just as lovely in a couple of days when I return to pick it up (Brussel sprouts, haricot verts, carrots, wild mushrooms). 

Later, after MrMango went to work. The baby and I went to book club to discuss “Tinkers” by Paul Harding (review forthcoming) …while I sipped on a gingerbread latte and the baby drank milk and snacked on Cheerios…though he did keep trying to get ahold of my latte.

Now we are home where the baby has been napping for a couple of hours and I have been making rice pudding…stirring the warm milk occasionally…the smell of cardamom wafting through the house.   I have green lentils soaking in a bowl on the counter beside a stick of butter softening on a plate….just waiting for me to cook dinner and bake that cranberry bundt cake recipe I’ve had my eye on. 

Odd idea of a “lazy” day, hmmm?

5 Random Facts About Me

I realized that when I started this blog I just dove right in without any sort of introductory post.  I started this blog as both a way to track my reading and the recipes that I made and enjoyed. I read so many books and I cook so many recipes that sometimes I simply lose track. I start to forget what a particular book was about or I forget which recipes I cooked or where I got them from.

So, as a means of a little bit of “getting to know me” exercise, here are 5 random facts about moi:

  1. I am what some might call a Masshole. Well, mostly because I was born and raised in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have never lived anywhere else.  Though, I wouldn’t call myself a masshole since I tend to think I am a pretty decent human being. (aside from the occasional snark attack)
  2. I don’t eat pork (for the most part).  I was never much of a pork chop fan, just ask my mom. When she used to serve pork chops for dinner and force me to eat them, the only way I could get through was to put a big pile of apple sauce on my plate and cut the pork chop up into tiny pieces and eat each tiny piece buried in a spoonful of apple sauce…So, when I married my husband, who is muslim and doesn’t eat pork, I felt it was the right thing to do to “cease and desist” from eating pork.  I do occasionally miss having a ham steak for breakfast, but I get by. Also, I am not a total extremist about it, if I am served a dish that has pork in it, such as risotto with sausage in it, I will eat around the pork product if I can…resulting in a little pile of pork on the side of my plate. 😉
  3. Recovered blockhead.  yes, yes, it is a blight in my past…I was once an avid (some might say rabid) New Kids on the Block fan. I had pin-ups all over my wall, attended a bunch of concerts and met them a ton of times.  I actually met several lifelong friends due to being a fan of NKs. We bonded over the boys, but beyond that we developed lasting friendships.
  4. My To-Read shelf is out of control!!  And not just my virtual shelf on sites like goodreads.  In my bedroom, the shelf of unread books is overloaded. There are currently around 150 books on that shelf. Some of the books have been on the shelf for over 5 years. I think I need to buckle down and read my way through all those books!
  5. I witnessed the tearing of the pope pic.  Back in college (Fall of ’92) , two of my friends and I took the bus down from Boston to NYC for the day with the intention of getting in the stand-by line for Saturday Night Live.  The musician performing that night was Sinead O’Connor and my one friend was a huge fan of hers.  well, we got into the taping and that was the show where Sinead tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II while performing her 2nd song of the evening, an a cappella version of Bob Marley’s War.

The tearing of the Pope...

The studio audience was stunned into silence.  It was so unreal.  The tearing of the photo made the live showing of SNL but since that one time, anytime they’ve shown a repeat of the show, they use the recording of her performance from the rehearsal.   Also on a cool sidenote, my friends and I got to meet Dana Carvey and the late, great Phil Hartman after the show.