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Review: The Book

The BookThe Book by M. Clifford
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Steps to freak yourself out:

    1. Buy a Kindle or other e-book device.
    2. Purchase and download the novel The Book by M. Clifford.
    3. Consider yourself freaked out.

One of my book clubs selected the novel “The Book” as our monthly suggestion. I had never heard of this book until fellow bookclubber Joanie added it to her to-read list on goodreads. It sounded like just the sort of book I would enjoy reading (think dystopian novel where books are controlled by “the man”). 

“The Book” is a self-published novel that was release earlier this year. It is set in the United States in the  not too distant future at a time when everyone has an e-reader called “The Book”.  The Book is distributed and automatically updated by The Publishing House.  All books are read in electronic form as paper books are illegal due to environmental laws that have banned the use of paper. 

The lead character, Holden Clifford loves to read. He looks forward to his ride home from work where he can take out his Book and continue reading.  Holden has never read from anything other than The Book.  When he stumbles across a single paper page from “The Catcher in the Rye”,  Holden discovers that the text of his favorite novel is not the same in The Book as when it was originally published.  This leads Holden down the path of figuring out why the contents of The Book were altered and just how many other works have been changed from their original version. 

I highly enjoyed this book.  M. Clifford did an excellent job evoking a nation where what people read and think is highly censored and controlled.  It reminded me of some of my favorite dystopian reads such as Orwell’s 1984 and Bradbury’s Farenheit 451.  If you were a fan of these classic dystopian novels I recommend that you read “The Book”.  I also recommend this book if you love the act of cracking open a book and flipping through the pages…smelling that book scent. 🙂  “The Book” will force you to think about how much we can trust what we read in an electronic medium.

For more information check out the novel’s website:

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