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Construction Zone

I apologize that I have seriously slowed down on my cooking and posting. Our little house is undergoing some serious renovations and there is dust all over the place. It skeeves me out a little to cook in a house filled with a cloud of plaster dust.

We are in the process of removing a couple of poorly placed walls in our master bedroom to give us a little more space and to make the floor plan more “normal” (thinking ahead to whenever we sell the house). We’ve been able to live with some of the quirkiness since we first moved in 3 years ago but decided to finally do something about it. We are also altering the floor plan on the first floor, to change what was formerly our small TV room into a combo full bath & laundry room. I will be so glad when I don’t have to trudge to the laundromat anymore.

 We are changing what was formerly a full bath right off the kitchen into a breakfast nook to make our kitchen an eat-in one. We believe this will make the layout of the house more appealing to buyers when we eventaully put the house on the market…plus by moving the bathroom from where it currently is located we have a logical place to expand and add a family room in the future. 
I can’t wait until the dust settles and everything is done!

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