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Tiramisu Cake

I’ve made tiramisu several times in the past so was interested to see exactly how Dorie Greenspan’s twist on this classic dessert would turn out. Dorie’s tiramisu cake is a layer cake made with yellow cake, a creamy marscapone frosting, a liquor syrup, and chocolate.

I was extremely tempted to make a mini version of this cake or turn it into a trifle, since I’ve stated before, frosting cakes is not my strong suit. But, I was feeling slightly less than creative and ended up pretty much following the recipe word for word. I skipped sprinkling the cocoa powder on top but did put some Trader Joes chocolate covered espresso beans on top. 


For being a tiramisu cake I found this cake to be a little dry. I think one of the best parts of traditional tiramisu is the way the ladyfingers end up nice and moist and the flavors meld. I didn’t quite have that result with this cake. Perhaps if I make this cake again I will double the syrup to allow the cake to have a more boozy soak.

The recipe for this cake can be found in Bakingby Dorie Greenspan or on Megan’s blog My Baking Adventures. Check out how the rest of the bakers did with this cake on the Tuesdays with Dorie blogroll.

Comments on: "Tiramisu Cake" (5)

  1. It seems that a lot of people wished there’d been more syrup with this cake! I think you frosted your cake beautifully. Nice job!

  2. My cake was a bit dry too, but delicious all the same. I think your frosting work was superb and the coffee beans added a nice touch!

  3. I LOVE how your cake turned out! The frosting is so dreamy and you can see the chopped chocolate peeking out from between the layers. And chocolate covered espresso beans…yum! Don’t you love Trader Joe’s?

  4. Your cake looks very lovely…those little chocolate covered espresso beans really set it off so well…I must remember to do that next time. I think the soaking could have been a little more…maybe that would have made it more moist…just my guess. Great job on yours.

  5. teaandscones said:

    Cake looks yummy. Too bad it was a little dry – but seems many had the same problem

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