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Sweet Lemons

Sweet Lemons
828 Washington Street
Weymouth, MA 02189
(781) 340-5551

 When I first moved to the South Shore a few years ago, I found it to be somewhat of a culinary wasteland. The restaurant options pretty much came down to pizza joints and take-out Chinese. We move from the Back Bay in Boston to Braintree. I experienced a bit of culture shock. At our new place we didn’t have the option to walk out our front door and stroll a few blocks to get French, Malaysian, Indian, Korean or other fare.

Luckily for us, shortly after we move to the area, a new Thai restaurant called Sweet Lemons opened up in a Weymouth strip mall. I was immediately impressed with the quality of the food and the friendly service. That was several years ago and Sweet Lemons is still on my list of South Shore favorites.

I recently visited Sweet Lemons with a couple of people who had never been before. For starters we ordered the Chicken Thai  Rolls ($5.95) and chicken wonton soup ($3.95). I’d never tried their wonton soup before as I usually opt for the spicier soups. The wonton soup had a light garlic flavor with greens and wontons floating in the broth.  The spring rolls are akin to what you find at other Thai restaurants…(I have a hard time comparing one spring roll to another…they’re just a guilty pleasure)


 For our main course, two of us ordered the Pad Woonsen ($11.95) and one ordered the Pad Thai ($8.95).  The pad woonsen was comprised of cellophane noodles stir-fried with shrimp, chicken, pineapple and veggies. It had a nice blend of sweet and savoury.


Sweet Lemons also usually has a menu with specials that aren’t listed on their website menu. Some of our other favorites from the menu that I didn’t order on this visit are: Pad Thai Zzzz (a spicy pad thai), seafood madness (spicy stir-fried shrimp, scallops, squid and fish), and chicken puffs (a mildly spicy chicken appetizer).

Sweet Lemons has a second location on route 18 in South Weymouth.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 mangoes

Sweet Lemons on Urbanspoon

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