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My Life in France My Life in France by Julia Child

rating: 4 of 5 stars

Julia Child was a late bloomer. She may be best known as a chef & cookbook author, but she didn’t start cooking until her thirties. She was a rather unadventerous eater until she and her new husband moved to France just after World War II. Upon moving to Frace she begins exploring the world of food and cooking.

My tastes were growing bolder, too. Take snails, for instance. I had never thought of eating a snail before, but, my, tender escargots bobbling in garlicky butter were one of my happiest discoveries! And truffles which came in a can, and were so deliciously musky and redolent of the earth, quickly became an obsession.

 In My Life in France, Julia Child’s personality shines through the pages. The book is warm and engaging and had great descriptions of food and cooking. The book was inspirational. Child’s recounting of going to Le Cordon Bleu for cooking classes made me want to quit my job and go to culinary school. (I will hold off on that pursuit. )  If she could go from not knowing how to cook at all to becoming on of the best known chefs in America it just goes to show what following your dreams and passions can accomplish.

I highly recommend My Life in France to anyone who loves a good memoir or anyone with a passion for food.

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Comments on: "Reads: My Life in France" (3)

  1. what a great review! thanks for posting and being part of Food For Thought.

  2. sounds awesome. she was an amazing woman!

  3. “Late bloomer” is a perfect way to describe her. Can you imagine living her life?

    Nice writeup! I enjoyed the book too.

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