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World Peace Cookies

I’ll Crumble For Ya!  I’ll Crumble For Ya!  I’ll Crumble For Ya!  I’ll Crumble for You!

Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies are chocolate cookies with chocolate chips and sea salt. I love  the combination of salt and chocolate. One of my favorite snacks is chocolate covered pretzels– the good ones, not those crappy ones sold at the drug store.


World Peace Cookies have some crumbly cookie dough.  The only “wet stuff” in this dough was butter, which was way outnumbered by the “dry stuff”, resulting in a crumbly dough that I was supposed to form into 2 logs. I wrapped up my delicate cookie dough logs tightly in saran wrap and squeezed them into shape more and then put them in the freezer and prayed for the best. When it came time to slice the cookie dough…guess what??? CRUMBLE!  But, Dorie warned that the dough may crumble on slicing and to just squish the crumbled dough together…so that is exactly what I did.

After baking, my cookies aren’t perfect little rounds. But they are perfectly delicious!  mmmmSaltAndChocolate! They were at their best shortly after they were out of the oven.

I will be making these again, but next time I will try adding an additional tablespoon or two of butter.

The recipe for these cookies can be found at cookbookhabit. Thanks to Jessica for choosing this week’s TWD recipe.


Comments on: "World Peace Cookies" (4)

  1. I’ll crumble for these cookies! 🙂

  2. Well, now I have that song stuck in my head…crumbly or not, glad you liked them!

  3. teaandscones said:

    Taste counts. Looks don’t. They were good, huhn? Chocolate – yummy!

  4. Glad you loved these as much as I did!!
    If you found them to be too crumbly you can add a little more butter next time or use less flour: I measured the 1 1/4 cups flour and took one tablespoon flour out again (as suggested by Jessica of cookbookhabit.

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