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French Chocolate Brownies

After a couple of trips to the Caribbean, we have an excess of rum in our home. Several of the hotels we stayed at gave us a free bottle of rum when we checked in. So, now we have several bottles of rum rattling around in our Booze Basement (not quite a wine cellar).

Dorie Greenspan’s French Chocolate Brownie recipe gave me an excuse to use some of that rum and to play with matches!  These brownies contain rum raisins. I reconstituted some golden raisins in water and then added some dark rum which I lit on fire to burn off the alcohol.


The brownies were fudgy and the raisins added a nice texture difference. Overall, the brownies were good but they weren’t my favorite brownies ever.

You can find the recipe for the French Chocolate Brownies at Di’s Kitchen Notebook . Di selected this recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie in June of 2008.

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  1. atinymorsel said:

    Interesting concept. I never would have thought to put raisins in brownies. Hmm…

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