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Berry Surprise Cake

Mary Ann of Meet Me in the Kitchen had her turn at the center of the Tuesdays with Dorie stage this week. She chose the Berry Surprise Cake. Reading this recipe, it sounded like one of my husband’s favorite cakes from a local bakery. I was excited for this week to roll around so that I could make it. and then…. (ominous music plays) … I read the P&Q discussion at TWD about this particular recipe. It seemed as if lots of folks were having issues with this cake. Their genoise wasn’t rising enough or was collapsing a lot after it had risen.


So, I proceeded with caution. I followed the recipe very closely and followed the tips from the P&Q but, alas my genoise collapsed..not just a little collapse, it lost a lot of height and ended up with a well in the center. EPIC FAIL! 

I opted to just go with the flow and instead of cutting the cake into 2 layers as instructed (since that would result in 2 very thin layers), I kept it as a single layer and used the well to my advantage… I brushed the entire top of the cake with Chambord syrup, filled the well with a layer of the cream cheese based filling, added a layer of raspberries, topped that with another layer of filling then frosted the whole cake with the fresh whipped cream topping.


The cake was quite dense but it still tasted incredible. MrMango said to me “You can make this again, but next time make sure it doesn’t collapse.” ha!  try, try again, I guess.

If you are interested in trying this out yourself, you can find the recipe on Mary Ann’s blog.  You can also check out how other TWD Bakers fared with this recipe that foiled me.

Comments on: "Berry Surprise Cake" (3)

  1. if you try again for mr. mango and it doesn’t collapse, let us all know how you did it. 🙂 i loved this cake, sinkage and all.

  2. pinkstripes said:

    Your decorated cake looks great. You can’t even tell it collapsed.

  3. You did a beautiful job! No one would ever know that these egg divas copped an attitude! Nice job!

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