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Surprise, surprise!!  Another weekend and another snow storm. It seems like it has been snowy on a lot of recent Sundays…from late December to just last week.  We’ve been stuck with arctic temperatures all week. It was 5 degrees out (according to my car) the other morning. Brrr!  At least today isn’t that cold. Snow isn’t so beautiful when tracked in all over your hardwood floors leaving salty footprints everywhere. So, after doing a little cleaning of the floors this morning, I am now settled in my comfy chair ready to do some reading.

I am hoping to read a little bit each of both of the books that I have in progress.  I am reading an advanced readers copy of A Fortunate Age: A Novel by Joanna Smith Rakoff and The Lambs of London: A Novel by Peter Ackroyd.  I just started Lambs of London yesterday. This work of historical fiction follows siblings Mary and Charles Lamb and their love for literature, especially Shakespeare.  So far, I am having mixed feelings about it. Hopefully, it will grab my interest more as I get further into the book.

I am about half way through A Fortunate Age. This debut novel is about a group of friends who met each other while at college at Oberlin and follows them through the nineties and early 2000’s as the get their footing in the world of life after college. I find it interesting since I graduated from college in the nineties. The  characters are entering the working world and marriage at about the same time that I was.  I am hoping to read about 60 more pages of it today and post some thoughts on it on the Barnes & Nobles First Look discussion board. They started the Fortunate Age discussion there last week, so I am a bit late. Oops!

Along with my reading, I am also going to cook some spicy beef chili and bake my Berry Surprise Cake. I love to cook on Sundays as I have a good stretch of undisturbed time of me in my little kitchen. Snowy Sundays are even better for cooking & baking!  Who wants to come over for dinner??


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  1. Would love to come over for dinner! And would love to see that Peter Ackroyd as well. Curious to see how your opinion settles out about that one after you finish.

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