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Anguilla Eats: Barrel Stay

Barrel Stay
Sandy Ground, Anguilla


We were in Anguilla just before peak season started. One day we were looking for lunch and many places that the restaurant guide said were open for lunch, weren’t open. We went from place to place and finally landed at Barrel Stay. Barrel Stay is located right on the beach at Sandy Ground in Anguilla. The area around the restaurant is a bit beat up, but the restaurant itself is clean and inviting. The dining room is casually furnished with rattan chairs topped with floral & tropical patterned cushions.

The dining room opens onto the beach with a view of the ocean and boats anchored just offshore.  One of the boats, was not a very picturesque one. There was a giant freighter loaded with gravel docked next to the pier and all through our lunch we watched as dump truck after dump truck got loaded with gravel from the ship. It was a source of entertainment but perhaps not what one would consider an idyllic tropical island view. At night the location is probably much more charming as it looked like they had Xmas lights strung about the railings and the trunks of the nearby palm trees. 

Barrel Stay is owned and operated by a British couple and specializes in French & Creole cuisine. I ordered the “Famous Barrel Stay Fish Soup”, with crispy croutons, Rouille, and Swiss cheese. It was a pureed soup that contained tomato, fish, and herbs. The soup was good, but not my favorite soup that we had on Anguilla (an honor that goes to the pea soup at Veya).


Since he was so impressed with his fish burger from the Dune Preserve, my husband ordered Barrel Stay’s fish burger with fries and salad. As you can tell from the picture, he was so hungry he didn’t allow me much time to take a picture of his meal before he started tearing into it.  He liked his burger but in his opinion it didn’t quite measure up to the one from Dune Preserve.


Overall, we enjoyed our lunch at Barrel Stay, but I wouldn’t say we were wowed. I would definitely give them another try during dinner hours.

Rating for lunch: 3.5 out of 5 mangoes

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  1. natalie n said:

    thanks for all the great posts on anguilla! we are heading for our honeymoon next year & can’t wait. we went on a day trip & fell in love with the island. you hit all the restaurants i was interested in! 🙂

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