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Dune Preserve
Rendezvous Bay, Anguilla

The Dune Preserve is located on Rendezvous Bay next to the Cuisinart Resort. It is owned by musician Bankie Banx.  The Dune Preserve  is constructed mostly from driftwood and other objects that have washed in from sea. It consists of several different levels with covered decks, stairs, balconies etc all combining into a truly unique structure.  It is decidedly fun & casual. The Dune Preserve often has live music either from Bankie himself or other performers.


The Dune Preserve was damaged by Hurricane Omar in the summer of 2008 and they’ve done a good job of rebuilding since then. There is a sign hanging over the bar that says “Omar Wrecked Bar”. 

We stopped in one day for lunch and we both ordered he fish burger and a rum punch. The service was very friendly and our drinks arrived almost immediately. Our burgers took a bit longer to arrive but we kicked back and enjoyed the view.  There was plenty of things to keep us entertained while we waited: watching the waves crash on the beach, staring at St. Maartin across the water, exploring the Dune Preserve,  spying random cats & dogs strolling through the bar…(beware: they may beg you for a bite of your fish burger!)


When our meals arrived, they were worth the wait. The red snapper fillet was well-seasoned and topped with creole sauce and fried plantains.  It came with a side of fries.  It was a perfect lunch served up in a fun environment with a stunning view of the beach.

rating: 4 out of 5 mangoes!

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