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Geraud’s Patisserie
South Hill Plaza


The Geraud of Geraud’s Patisserie is Geraud Lavest, who was born in France, worked all over the world, and moved to Anguilla in 2004.  He worked as the pastry chef at Koal Keel for several yers before he opened his own bakery on the island.  The patisserie is easy to spot as you drive along the main road in Anguilla, it’s green exterior are a bright, welcoming beacon. The interior of the bakery is just as bright, welcoming and charming.  There are several tables inside and a few more outside.


Geraud’s serves up breakfast and lunch with baked goods and special entrees. Their prices are very reasonable for Anguilla.  We didn’t have a full meal there but we did stop in one afternoon to pick up a few pastries to snack on. We got a palmier and a mini blueberry cheesecake, which was about the size of a cupcake. The palmier was lightly sweet and crunchy. It was  perfect compliment to a cup of coffee. The cheesecake was topped with pool of blueberry compote and was sweet, rich and indulgent.  


rating: 4 out 5 mangoes!


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