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Anguilla Eats: Veya

Sandy Ground, Anguilla
264-498-VEYA (8392)


The word veya means “ray of sun” in the Carib language. Veya bills themselves as serving the “Cuisine of the Sun”.   Veya’s  focus is on serving food that is inspired by the food you find around equatorial regions of the world. This includes the Caribbean, Morocco, and India.


Veya is located on the road to Sandy Ground and is about 1/2 a mile a so on the right from the rotary off of the main road.  We were able to find it with no trouble at all. We stopped in for dinner late one evening after having a couple of drinks at Elvis’s Beach Bar.

The vibe of Veya is what I will call posh tree-house chic. Veya’s dining room is up a set of stairs and the center of the space is the bar area pictured above. All of the dinner tables are along the outside of the restaurant that wraps around the bar. The dining area is surrounded by open windows with flowing white curtains framing ocean views. The ceilings are all dark wood with the beams exposed. The climb up the stairs, all the dark wood and open windows are what gave me the feeling that I was in a tree-house. It was very elegant and contemporary.


The waitstaff was very friendly and once we’d placed our order they brought out a basket of assorted bread including spice bread and Johnny cakes. The appetizer was shortly followed by an amuse bouche and I am sorry to report that my memory fails me as to what exactly that amuse bouche was. My mind is going in my old age. 😉

My husband ordered an appetizer of Velvety Yellow Split Pea Soup ($11).  This soup was flavored with coconut, lime, and Indian spices. It was reminiscent of Mulligatawny soup by much smoother and richer in both texture and flavor. Our meal was off to a great start. Of course I stole a few spoonfuls of soup from him. I just couldn’t help myself since he was raving about it so much.   The mister said to me “find out a recipe to make a soup like this at home!”.  We frequently make dal (Indian stewed lentils) and lentil soup in our house and therefor have a cabinet full of canisters of dried lentils, split peas, and beans. So, I just may try to recreate this soup in my own home someday soon.


For his main course, my husband order the Tamarind Glazed Roast Chicken with Christophene Gratin and tropical fruit chutney ($28). Chicken is not something that either of usually orders in a restaurant, but I guess he was drawn in by the allure of the tamarind glaze. Tamarind is another flavor that we frequently use in our home cooking. Veya’s roast chicken was juicy and loaded with tamarind flavor. MrMango love it and I loved that his tropical fruit chutney was comprised largely of mangoes!


I ordered the sauteed red snapper with green papaya , mint and avocado ($34). I ate a lot of fish, particularly snapper, on this trip and this was one of my favorite fish dishes on Anguilla. It was light and fresh and I loved the touch of the avocado to add a different texture to the plate.


We were both too full for dessert, although they did have some tempting options like coconut cake and tropical creme brulee. We were satisfied with our dinner and my husband declared it a better value for the money than Blanchard’s.

Veya is open for dinner only and is closed on Sundays. Their cafe on the ground floor is open for breakfast and lunch.

Rating: 4 out of 5 mangoes

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  2. Hi, I am doing research for a project about caribbean beaches and found your blog very informative. Thank you

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