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Sweet Tooth Bakery
P.O.BOX 665
(located near South Hill area on the main road)
Anguilla, AI 2640

(264) 497-3056


I still can’t seem to find Anguillan road names!  Anyhow… this small bakery is on the main road on the south east side of the island. We randomly stopped in at Sweet Tooth bakery since we were parched and a bit peckish. it was early afternoon and there were no other customers and only one woman working inside. The bakery case was kind of empty with only a few options remaining including chicken pies, salt fish pies, and beef pies. 


Mr. Mango and I decided to share a chicken pie.   It was one of our least expensive meals/snacks on Anguilla, coming in at a dollar and change. This little pie was meant to be eaten with your hands. It was very similar in size and shape to a Jamaican Patty. The flakey crust was wrapped around shredded, mildly spiced chicken. It was the perfect mid-afternoon snack for the two of us to share as we drove around exploring Anguilla.


Rating for this chicken pie: 4 out of 5 mangoes


Comments on: "Anguilla Eats: Sweet Tooth Bakery" (2)

  1. hi

    stumbled upon this just as i was about to go for lunch.

    could do with a chicken pie myself.

    i also love mangoes.

    have a nice day!

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