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I was Googling special events and holidays that take place in January in search of a theme for a get-together and discovered that January is National Book Blitz Month. The first thing I asked myself is “What does that mean?”

I put my Google skills to the test to try to discover who declared January as Book Blitz Month and what they intend folks to do as they blitz books. Most of the results that showed up in Google either just list the fact that January is Book Blitz month or there are several sites that give suggestions on “celebrating” Book Blitz month:

I found my answer as “What does Book Blitz Month mean? “on the BU Bridge Site, which is a newsletter from my alma mater.  They gave details on the background, creation and meaning of Book Blitz Month.

National Book Blitz Month, which was created by a public relations executive to encourage authors to promote their own books, focuses attention on improving the relationships between authors and the media in order to create a best-selling book.

I found an old press release from 2004 that explains to authors what they can do during Book Blitz month.

So during “Book Blitz Month” and throughout the rest of the year, actively work on improving your relationships with the media. Find out what they want and give it to them. In return, you may gain the publicity you need to elevate your book to best seller status.

So, once again Google did not let me down and I found my answer. Had you ever heard of Book Blitz month before?


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