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Anguilla Eats: Blanchards

Blanchard’s Restaurant
P.O. Box 898
Meads Bay
Phone: (264) 497-6100


One of the things that spurred me to plan a trip to Anguilla was the book A Trip to the Beach: Living on Island Time in the Caribbean by Melinda Blanchard. We read Trip to the Beachin one of my book clubs last summer and I really enjoyed it. This non-fiction book tells the tale of how a Vermont couple followed their dreams and opened a restaurant on Anguilla. Blanchards is the restaurant that they opened and it is still up & running.


Blanchards is a cute little cottage-y space located on the beach at Meads Bay. The dining room was casually elegant with white walls and ceiling making it feel bright and airy. In nice weather they throw open all the shutters and you can hear the waves while you eat. It was too dark to see the ocean but we could definitely hear it. The ocean was on the other side of those 2 trees in the picture below. We got there at around 6:30 and there was only one other party in the restaurant at that time. A few more parties showed up while we were dining. We were not visiting during the peak tourist season, so I am certain the restaurant is more crowded in January-April.


See what we ordered (after the jump)…

As we perused the menu, the friendly staff took our drink order. We started our meal with an order of Bob’s Samosas ($19 USD), which are filled with red wine braised beef, veggies, lime juice, and raisins. They came with a yogurt dipping sauce. The samosas were different than samosas that we’d previously made at home or ordered at Indian and Malaysian restaurants. These samosas were a little sweeter than what we were used to but they were good!


For my main course, I ordered the Jamaican Jerk Shrimp ($42 USD). The shrimp were hot & spicy having been basted with a sauce comprised of scotch bonnet peppers, citrus juice, and spices. The shrimp were served with grilled cinnamon rum bananas, sweet potato puree and steamed broccoli.  The shrimp had great flavor and were cooked perfectly. The sweet potato puree and the sweetness of the bananas really helped to balance the spiciness of the shrimp. I was really happy with my meal selection.


Mr. Mango ordered the Caribbean Sampler ($56 USD) which consisted of three separate dishes served on a tiered rack.


The top tier contained Roasted Anguillan Lobster. This was not a whole lobster, it was a few pieces of lobster meat. Frankly, this tier made my husband scoff due to the limited amount of lobster. We are from Boston, so when we see lobster listed on a menu we are used to a big honking lobster.  The Anguillan lobster was good and only delicately spiced/sauced to let the sweet flavor of the lobster shine through… but MrMango wished there was more of it.


The second tier was mahi mahi with coconut lime and ginger. It was served with rice and steamed broccoli.


The final tier was spicy jerk chicken served on a bed of pureed sweet potatoes with a side of grilled cinnamon-rum bananas. This dish had the most intense flavors of the three.  


The mister enjoyed the sampler but said he wasn’t sure if he liked it “56 dollars worth”.  His favorite dishes were the chicken and the mahi mahi.

We amazingly still had room for dessert and couldn’t resist the warm bread pudding with apricot-rum sauce ($14 USD). The bread pudding was pretty darn close to bread-pudding-perfection. It was moist and sweet and the sauce complimented it well. The mister was very tempted to order another one to go to enjoy later.


The restaurant met my expectations based upon what I had read about it in A Trip to the Beach. It was a satisfying first dinner on Anguilla. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 mangoes!

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  1. […] We were both too full for dessert, although they did have some tempting options like coconut cake and tropical creme brulee. We were satisfied with our dinner and my husband declared it a better value for the money than Blanchard’s. […]

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