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Anguilla Eats: E’s Oven

 E’s Oven
Rendezvous Road
South Hill, Anguilla

 For those who’ve never been to Anguilla, it’s not a very big island. It is only 16 miles long and about 3 miles wide at its widest point. There are no highways, and you can probably count all of the traffic lights on 2 hands. There are several main roads on the island, with one lane of traffic going in each direction. It is pretty easy to find your way around. That being said, for all of the restaurants I wanted to check out there, I didn’t have a real street address for them… not a house number to be found. But, we were eventually able to find everyplace that we were looking for.  The people of Anguilla are really friendly and were great at giving us directions. One thing you see A LOT of as you roam around Anguilla are goats. Goats aren’t very good at giving directions though. 😉 


Our first day in Anguilla, we had a late lunch at E’s Oven. I selected E’s Oven based on recommendations from Chowhound.  E’s Oven is located on the same main road as the hotel that we were staying at. It’s a bright red & yellow building nestled into a curve in the road in the South Hill area of the island.   E’s Oven is run by an Anguillan named Vernon Hughs, who gained his cooking skills by working at other restaurants on the island. E’s Oven is located at the site of his mother’s old stone oven. The cuisine has some upscale Caribbean  dishes with some pastas and grilled seafood thrown into the menu-mix as well. the vibe is nice, bright, and casual.  They have a full bar so that you can enjoy a beer or rum punch with your meal.



We were seated in a covered porch area at the front of the restauraunt. The mister got a beer and I got fruit punch.

Once we placed our orders, our waitress brought us each an amuse bouche of seafood salad. It was light and refreshing.


My husband ordered the Goat Curry which came out in a little red pot and had a side of rice, veggies, and plantains. The goat curry was full of large chunks of goat meat, some still attached to the bone.  The curry sauce on the lamb was spicy but not overpowering.



I ordered grilled snapper, which was served atop polenta with fried onions.  It was a very pleasing first meal on Anguilla.


The prices were reasonable for Anguilla (note: food is more expensive on Anguilla than we are used to here in the states) and the ambiance was relaxed and had that Caribbean vibe. There were more locals than tourists dining at E’s Oven which I take as a good sign that it is not a tourist trap.

I rate E’s Oven 4 out of 5 mangoes.

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  1. i love vacation posts 🙂 living vicariously ….the goat curry looks amazing!

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