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Admittedly, I have a book club problem. I am just in too many book clubs. I love to read and I love to get together with others with similar interests.  My book clubs are all rather casual ones that veer more towards pure social gatherings than in depth literary discussions.

I like to read book club books as close to the meeting as I can so that it is very fresh in my mind.  Usually, my book clubs are spaced out pretty well and I can easily schedule my reading (control freak alert!). However in January, my 3 book clubs all fall within 4 days of each other.

Sunday January 11th- Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O’Nan
Last Night at the Lobster

Tuesday January 13th – Rasputin’s Daughter by Robert Alexander
Rasputin's Daughter

Wednesday January 14th – Supercapitalism: The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life by Robert Reich
The Transformation of Business, Democracy, and Everyday Life

HOWEVER, I am not even to the point where I am ready to start reading any of these since I am currently in the middle of reading Nights at the Circus by Angela Carter. If only I can stop being distracted by holiday happenings and (sigh) naps, I could finish this fantastic and twisted little novel about an aerialiste extraordinaire.

How is your holiday season reading going? And, is there such a thing as too many book clubs??? (I think NOT)


Comments on: "Sunday Salon: Oh, the Pressure!!" (3)

  1. readerbuzz said:

    Lobster is a straight forward, brisk read into the world of the just-barely-keeping-their-heads-above-water working people. Depressing, but it seemed honest and real.

  2. Angela Carter is great. I love all her writing.

    I know what you mean about book clubs. I only had one reading challenge I set for myself this year, the Orbis Terrarum Challenge where you read 9 books about 9 countries by 9 different authors and I find myself at the end of the calendar year lagging behind. I read all the books, but the book reviews take longer. Only one more to go, though!

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