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Flour Bakery & Cafe

Flour Bakery & Cafe
1595 Washington St
Boston, MA  02118



 One of our favorite breakfast guilty pleasures is Flour Bakery in the South End. On Sunday mornings, the bakery is abuzz with folks lined up to pick out their breakfast treats from those displayed in the various platters and baskets arranged on the countertop.


 We ordered several items to go and took them home to enjoy as we began decorating for the holidays.  The berry bread pudding is moist and topped with blueberries and raspberries. My husband is incapable of going to Flour Bakery and NOT getting this bread pudding. flour2

For me, one of the true treats of Flour Bakery are the cream-filled donuts. These donuts are only available on Sundays and are filled with smooth, soft sweet cream. These are not the overly sweet vanilla frosting filled donuts from Dunking Donuts. Flour’s donuts are puffy and light (for a donut) and coated with fine sugar.


The sticky buns at Flour Bakery are well-known for beating Bobby Flay’s sticky buns on the Food Network’s Throwdown. These sticky buns are pretty close to sticky bun nirvana. The sticky glaze has just the right amount of caramel-y sweetness and the top has a smattering of pecans.


They also have a good egg sandwich that I usually order without the bacon. It is served on a fresh crusty roll with Dijon mustard and lettuce. Sooo good!

I haven’t tried lunch at Flour Bakery but I’ve heard good things about their sandwiches and will hopefully get to lunch there soon.

Be warned: the lines can often go out the door on weekend mornings. The seating can be rather limited, but at least in the summer they offer a few additional tables outside on the sidewalk.

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Comments on: "Flour Bakery & Cafe" (2)

  1. This bakery looks so amazing. If we ever get to Boston I will have to check it out! You have a fun blog to read : )

  2. mangomissives said:

    Thank you!

    Flour Bakery is definitely worth a visit when in Boston. It is not in a touristy area and is frequented mostly by folks from this area.

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