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Wild Ginger

 Wild Ginger
124 Washington St.
Norwell, MA 02061




There is relatively new selection on the South Shore for Thai food– Wild Ginger on Route 53 in Norwell. This cozy restaurant is located in a small shopping plaza on the southbound side of 53. It is in the same space that used to house Cherrywood BBQ. 

We were there during lunch on a Saturday and were immediately seated. There were a few other parties in the bright and clean dining room. The servers were friendly and were quick to refill our water glasses (always a good thing in my book, since I am ALWAYS thirsty!).

We started off with the Som Tum salad ($8). This salad was made up of shredded papaya and carrots tossed with shrimp, string beans, tomato wedges and peanuts. It was topped with a spicy lime dressing and had some iceberg lettuce on the side. The salad was refreshing and spicy.  


We couldn’t resist trying the veggie Thai Rolls ($5), which were spring rolls filled with assorted veggies and served with a sweet and sour dipping sauce. The spring rolls were crispy without being greasy.


We got two entrees. The first was the Pik Pow Fried Rice ($9), a spicy seafood and veggie fried rice with pik pow sauce…all topped off with a sunnyside-up egg. The egg was a little overcooked. Based on my previous experience with Pik Pow rice at other Thai restaurants, the egg yolk should still be runny so that when you pop it, the yolk mixes in with the rice. Despite the egg yolk being a bit too well down (more over-hard, than sunnyside up), the rice was very moist and flavorful and loaded with shrimp, scallops, and squid. wildginger6

The second entree that we got was the Chicken Hot Tangerine ($8). This dish featured sauteed chicken breast with veggies, tangerines, and cashews in a Thai chili sauce. The presentation was very colorful and the cone of rice made me think of an episode of Kitchen Nightmares where Gordon Ramsay berated a chef for using a funnel to shape a Greek Salad. The Chicken Hot Tangerine was spicy and sweet and quite tasty but not my favorite entree ever at a Thai restaurant.


Overall, I was very impressed with Wild Ginger for their service and food. I will definitely be back for lunch again.

I give them 4 out of 5 mangoes.


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