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Sunday Salon: Reading Rants

tssbadge3No, I am not ranting about reading…I am reading rants. Or more specifically, I am reading Waiter Rant. I am reading it for the Food for Thought book club which is an on-line book club with a food focus.  I have about 100 pages left and if I am lucky will finish it today or tomorrow morning. So far I am enjoying the book. Although I have never personally worked as a waiter, I have several friends who have or still do. I’ve heard plenty of tales from them and there are some similar ones in Waiter Rant.

I am also reading some of Ernest Hemingway’s Across the River and Into the Trees. I am not finding it to be a very captivating book. I am about halfway through and am starting to feel tempted to abandon it. BUT… I am not a book abandon-er!!! Gah! I can only remember twice in history where I’ve given up on a book because I wasn’t liking it. I typically stick it out to the bitter end. I will probably stick this one out too. sigh. I can be such a sucker for punishment.

mango missives week in review:


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