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Abrorio Rice Pudding

A certain someone in my house is a big fan of puddings and custards.  So he was excited, you might even say jubilant, when he heard that I would be making rice pudding. I make rice pudding several times a year, but I typically make it using basmati rice, for more of an Indian rice pudding (kheer).  I was looking forward to trying out the Abrorio Rice Pudding recipe from Baking by Dorie Greenspan, which as you may guess, uses Abrorio rice instead of basmati. Abrorio rice is a shorter and fatter grain than basmati.


 This as a very simple rice pudding recipe with only four ingredients: Abrorio rice, whole milk, granulated sugar, and vanilla.  I used less vanilla than Dorie called for in her recipe, because while he loves rice pudding, Mr. Mango does not love a strong vanilla flavor in his rice pudding.


The final verdict: I barely got to taste the pudding since Mr. Mango claimed most of it as HIS.  He told me to make it again very soon and next time to triple the recipe.

The Abrorio Rice Pudding recipe was selected by Isabelle at Les Gourmandises d’Isa. Stop by her blog to see the recipe and to brush up on your Francaise.




Comments on: "Abrorio Rice Pudding" (5)

  1. Ha! Sounds like you have a big rice pudding fan on your hands! It looks great!

  2. pinkstripes said:

    Your rice pudding looks perfect. YUM!

  3. Nice to have a fan in the house!!

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