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Sunday Salon: Book Swap

tssbadge3Yesterday was a busy day. I hosted a book swap gathering at my house. I’ve hosted a couple of other book swaps in years past. The basic concept is that everyone brings books that they’ve finished reading and are willing to part ways with.  We have some snacks and chat and browse through the books that others have brought.  Everyone picks out some “new-for-them” books and takes them home. We then donate the leftover books to the local library or Salvation Army.

Yesterday, was a rainy and windy fall day…but 14 ladies ventured out to my humble abode with their bags of books. Okay, Amanda brought a whole Rubbermaid tote of books, but most people brought one or  two grocery bags of books. I had two big boxes of completed books under my bed. I dragged those out, brushed off the dust bunnies and brought them down to join their book swap brethren. We had  mountains of books to browse through, everything from mass market romance and mysteries to past Oprah Book Club Selections, classics to modern lit.  

Thankfully, (for my storage space shortage) I gave away more books than I took as “new for me”. I ended up with 10 new books and gave away several dozen. Later today I will be taking a trip to the library down the road to donate the books that no one selected.

Now, its time to start building up my pile of completed books for the next book swap. 😉

Comments on: "Sunday Salon: Book Swap" (5)

  1. Wow, a book swap is such a great idea! You have just inspired me to plan one myself. I’m going to read a book a week for the next year, so a book swap will definitely help.

  2. What a great idea! I wish I knew enough avid readers that I could do something similar.

  3. I love the idea of a book swap. I used to do this when I was in Houston, but my town is probably too small.

  4. I think this is a great idea, one I’d never considered before. I’m not sure I know enough readers in my area to make it worthwhile though 😦 Maybe I do and I just don’t know it yet…

  5. […] chip cookies. I had proof of this just a couple of weeks ago, when 2 out of 15 guests at my book swap brought chocolate chip […]

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