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More of me catching up with past TWD recipes… This time I am going with the brown-sugar apple cheesecake which was selected back on February 12th by Jaime at Good Eats N Sweet Treats.  She has the recipe posted so stop by her blog to see the details of how to make the cheesecake.

I have NEVER made a cheesecake before. But, there has to be a first time for everything, right?  So, I bravely ventured forth into unexplored territory. I had heard horror stories about cheesecakes that cracked too much on the top or didn’t set correctly.  I figure I was never going to learn if I never tried, so why not??  If it fell apart I could always just throw it in a big bowl and call it a trifle, right?

The cheesecake turned out beautifully. I glazed the top with apple jelly and made the crust out of graham cracker crumbs. Next time, I think I will cut the apples into smaller chunks (instead of just cutting the apples into eigths).  It was a tasty and creamy fall dessert. I liked that the texture wasn’t as firm and dense as a New York Cheesecake.


Comments on: "TWD Rewind: Brown-Sugar Apple Cheesecake" (2)

  1. I remember making my first cheesecake, the result wasn’t perfect, the top cracked, but I stilled enjoyed the process and eating it as well. This sounds like a good recipe and I have a recipe on if your interested in trying one.

  2. That looks like a wonderful dessert for this season. Congratulations on a successful first cheesecake!

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