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This TWD Rewind (my attempt to catch up with all past Tuesdays With Dorie recipes) was inspired by my recent visit to Honey-Pot Hill Orchards and the resultant fridge drawer packed with apples. The Russian Grandmother’s Apple Pie-Cake was originally selected back in March by Natalie at Burned Bits. She has the recipe for the Apple Pie-Cake posted on her blog.

I used a mix of Cortland and McIntosh apples for this recipe. It gave the pie-cake a nice mix of tart & sweet in its filling.

I halved the recipe and made the pie-cake in an 8×8 dish. It took a little extra effort to stretch the pie crusts out to fit the pan, but in the end I did this. As Dorie said, the crust is very forgiving of patchwork once it bakes.

The finished result had a nice golden brown color and the apples had softened up perfectly.  Next time I think I will add a little more sugar to the apple filling as my husband said he would’ve liked it to be sweeter.


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