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I really, really need to establish a better work-life balance. I have been so overwhelmed by work for the past year ever since I was moved onto a new project.  I was flying solo on a project for the first time ever, and a high profile project at that. The pressure has been high and I have sadly, been doing a bit of work every weekend to stay on top of things. I have to prepare a presentation for next week and have several dry run rehearsals of it this week. Today I am going to rework my script and practice, practice, practice.

To balance out all that work, I am hoping to finish reading Watchmen and make some additional progress on Kafka on the Shore.  I am also going to bake almond biscotti later this afternoon and make some sort of soup for dinner.

Hopefully, I will get in enough practice with my presentation today that I will feel completely comfortable & relaxed and will be able to enjoy my day off for Columbus Day tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

And once my presentation itself is over and done with I will start planning my vacation for later this year.  Ideally, a vacation where I can just relax on a lounge chair, sipping a fruity drink and catch up on some reading.  That will definitely help even out my work-life balance.

Comments on: "Sunday Salon: Work, Work, Work" (2)

  1. Yes, important to get the two sorted out. I have just read my first Mirakama and was most impressed. So I’ll be interested to hear what you make of his Kafka

  2. I like Watchmen a lot, so I hope you get things balanced so you can read it!

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