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Reads: Hannah’s Dream

A Novel Hannah’s Dream: A Novel by Diane Hammond

my rating: 3.5 out of 5

I won a copy of Hannah’s Dream from Gayle at Everyday I Write the Book Blog. To be an appreciative winner, I decided to read the book sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t want it to linger too long on my to-read shelf.

A blurb on the back of the book said that people who enjoyed Water for Elephants would enjoy this book as well. I read Water for Elephants last year and found it to be a fun escapist read.  Hannah’s Dream also features an elephant— Hannah from the title is the elephant in this tale. Hannah is the lone elephant in a small zoo in the Pacific Northwest.  The zoo was given to the city upon the death of Miss Maxine (Max) Beidelman, who had kept the animals as part of a menagerie on her estate. As Sam Brown, Hannah’s caretaker since before Max’s death, nears retirement he and others begin to worry about Hannah’s future. Same has been caring for Hannah for over 40 years and he & his wife think of Hannah almost as their child.  Neva Wilsom is hired to help care for Hannah and she soon also grows concerned for Hannah’s well-being.

The story was a sweet, quick & easy read. It was almost a little too sweet and predictable for me. There wasn’t really any spice or sex, drugs, or rock and roll. (not that I expect sex, drugs and rock & roll in a story about an elephant), and the tone  was pleasant and the intrigue and drama was kept to a minimum.  At its heart, Hannah’s Dream is the story of the bond between a man and an elephant. It is a story that anyone who has ever had a beloved pet can appreciate. Overall, it was a feel-good sort of story.

I would recommend it to animal lovers or people looking for a nice, cozy story.  

Snack to Eat While Reading:Lots and lots of Dunkin Donuts (Hannah’s favorite snack)

If you’ve reviewed this book & would like me to link to your review, let me know!


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