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Firefly American Bistro
130 Dartmouth St.
Boston, MA 02116



Firefly Bistro is one of those places that I keep wishing was better than it was. It has all the right ingredients for a place that could be so promising: really close to the T, a nice sized patio, affordable prices, cute decor, relatively quiet dining space. But, I often find myself disappointed with the food. This past weekend my friend was in town from Malaysia and I met up with her at the Copley mall. She is on a budget for her trip and wanted someplace affordable and close to the mall.  We ended up at Firefly Bistro since a few of her favorites from when she was last in town 9+ years ago had since closed.

I’ve had dinner at Firefly 4 or 5 times before, mostly for book club meetings or group gatherings.  My experiences there have been pretty mixed but overall veering towards “meh”.

On this visit the Meatloaf & Spinach pizza caught my eye. It made me longingly think of a meatball and spinach pizza that a now closed pizza place near my house used to make– I loved that pizza. sigh.

The Firefly version…not so much.







 It had a really thin crust which oddly wasn’t very crispy. It was sort of floppy, like a piece of lightly toasted lavash bread. The cheese was practically congealed and tasted weird. The only saving grace of the pizza, in my opinion, were the chunks of meatloaf.

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