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Its been a weekend of non-stop rain… it started on Friday but hasn’t let up yet. I woke up at the break of dawn (so much for sleeping in on a Sunday!).  I cooked a yummy Sunday breakfast of veggie & cheddar scrambled eggs and orange blueberry muffins. 

 A Novel

Later in the morning, I read a chapter of A Carnivore’s Inquiry: A Novel by Sabina Murray. I am only a few chapters into this one and I am not quite sure what I think of it yet. I am curious to see where the story will go. The book is narrated by Katherine, a 23 year old woman who has just moved back to New York from Italy and starts a relationship with Boris, an older Russian novelist. Her thoughts frequently drift onto the subject of cannibalism as it relates to various pieces of art and history that she encounters.


Then, I did a few things for work.  Not so much fun. But, I finished… so now I have that monkey off of my back and am free to return to more enjoyable exploits.

American Gods

I am hoping to finish reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I have about 80 pages left. I am reading this for a book club and for the Book Awards II Challenge. This book has won several awards including the Hugo Award and the Nebula Award. I am really enjoying American Gods. I have read one of Gaiman’s short story collections but this is the first time that I’ve read one of his novels. I like the way that he mixes humor into the story.


I am currently baking custard for making creme brulees so that should give me about 45 minutes of reading time.  That is of course, assuming the sweet smell of custard doesn’t distract me too much.


Comments on: "Sunday Salon: Rainy September Day" (2)

  1. If you like the humorous bits of American Gods, I definitely recommend that you check out Anansi Boys as well. It’s got a much larger emphasis on humor and is a lighter read overall, but I found it just as good. The two books have one overlapping character, but can easily be read independently.

  2. Oh my gosh, my stomach is growling just thinking of that custard cooking. Yum!

    I read American Gods a while back, and it was my first Gaiman. I can’t say that I was bowled over, but it was enough to push me to read some of his other stuff. I seem to get along with him better in children’s/YA books (Coraline) and short stories. I hope I can fit Smoke & Mirrors in before Halloween.


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