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Brookline Family Restaurant

305 Washington Street
Brookline, MA 02445


As I’ve stated previously, we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Turkish food.  It is Ramadan, and during his long days of fasting, my man develops cravings as to what he wants for dinner to break his fast. So, Saturday afternoon I got a call from him saying “Let’s go to that Turkish place in Brookline Village.”  He could only mean the Brookline Family Restaurant.

 Once he got home, we piled in the car and drove to Brookline Village where parking was at a premium and apparently so were tables at Brookline Family Restaurant.  There was a crowd of about 12 people waiting outside for a table.  My husband parked the car and I ran in to put our name on the list. There was a big empty table for 12 with a reserved sign on it and they said there was a 7 PM reservation. It was 7:05. But okay, maybe the people were having trouble parking. We went back outside to wait.  At 7:15 my husband broke his fast with some dates supplied gratis by the staff. About 10 minutes later they must’ve given up on the reservation ever showing up so they seating a bunch of the waiting parties… us among them.


 We ordered our small feast of cold okra appetizer, Lahmacun (Turkish style pizza topped with ground lamb and veggies), Adana Kebab (ground lamb blended with spices), and a special of Roasted Eggplant stuffed with ground lamb. After we ordered they brought some complimentary bread and a white bean salad to the table. We love this white bean salad. It is flavorful with lemon juice and spices.


A short while later the okra arrived. This was great eaten with the bread to sop up the sauce.

Next to arrive was the Adana Kebab with Yorgurt Sauce, which is my husband’s favorite thing to order at any Turkish restaurant. The kebabs were piled on top of toasted bread cubes and were topped with a roasted pepper and tomotoe. Since my entree hadn’t yet arrived I stole a few bites of his kebab. So good!

And lastly, my eggplant arrived. The eggplant was roasted so that the flesh was tender and the whole things was stuffed (and overflowing) with spiced ground lamb, tomato sauce and melted cheese. It was served with a side of Shepherd’s Salad. I had never tried this eggplant dish before.. I enjoyed it but could barely eat half. I ended up bringing the leftovers to work for lunch on Monday, which I am sure made all of my co-workers jealous. 😉

The waitstaff is friendly, if a bit busy… the food is great.. and the prices are reasonable. Brookline Family Restaurant is amongst our favorite places to eat in town.

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  1. Mmm, that eggplant sounds awesome. I’ll have to give it a try next time I go. Have you had their souberg? It’s very well done.

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