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Eats: Windy City Eats

Windy City Eats

407A Middle Street  Weymouth, MA 02188



Windy City Eats opened at the Mini Plaza in Weymouth a few months ago.  For years, I had heard about Chicago style hot dogs and was excited to see a place specializing in them opening so close to home.  Most of the dining options in Weymouth tend to be pizza shops or Chinese take out joints. It’s always great to see something new and different open up. Windy City Eats has been on my to-try list ever since I first saw their sign and banner go up. 

Windy City Eats is a small place tucked between Donut King and the mini mart. The interior of Windy City eats is small, bright and clean. You place your order at the counter and there’s not much of a dining space– 3 or 4 stools to sit at to eat. I imagine most people get their dogs to go, which is exactly what I did.

I ordered the Chicago Dog ($2.45) which is a Vienna beef dog (shipped in from Chigaco) that comes on a poppy seed bun and is topped with  tomato, bright green relish, mustard, onion, pickle, sports peppers, and celery salt.   I also ordered the Onion Rings which were one of the daily specials posted on the sandwich board outside.

 My order was ready in about 5 minutse and I was NOT disappointed with it. The dog was juicy and snapped when bitten into. The toppings all melded to create perfect bit after perfect bite. A great lunch for a hot and humid summer’s day.

I will definitely be back!  And next time, I am dragging my husband with me!

BONUS: They deliver!
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