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Tom Perrotta Reading

My friend Amanda and I went to an author appearance by Tom Perrotta at Porter Square Books last night.  He was reading from his latest novel, The Abstinence Teacher, which is now available in paperback. The book club that Amanda and I are in read The Abstinence Teacher several months ago and the group really enjoyed it and had a great discussion about the book, suburbia, religion, freedom of speech, high school and of course “Hot Christian Sex”. I highly recommend it as a book club selection if you are looking for a great discussion book.

I have read several of Perrotta’s novels (Election, Joe College, Little Children, and The Abstinence Teacher) and enjoyed them all. All of them take a satirical look at American suburban existance.

At the reading Perrotta read from a flashback of the main character Ruth’s high school years and her first sexual experiences. Perrotta spoke about the culture wars that are happening in America that have reared their ugly heads again very recently during the 2008 election season… the religous right and the liberal left.  He mentioned how Sarah Palin’s nomination as McCain’s running mate and her Republican National Convention speech have brought focus back to many of these issues back into the forefront of the collective American mind.

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