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Stuff White People Like Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander

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How could I resist a title like THAT!?!? and I found it on the Buy One Get One table no less…Irresistable!

“Stuff White People Like” is based on the blog by the same name. It is written as a sort of item by item guide of, well, stuff that white people like. It is written as if the audience is someone other than a white person and tells them how to befriend, date, and/or impress a white person.

The book will sometimes differentiate between the right kind of white person (wears real vintage T-shirts) and the wrong kind of white person (wears faux vintage T-shirts).

The book had me cracking up throughout. It is funny, because its true. Christian Lander does a great job providing a humorously cynical look at the habits and preferences of upper middle class white Americans. I saw myself in a lot of the write-ups.

This is one of those rare books that my husband (not a white person) wants to read! I think mayhaps he wants to read it to pick up some tips on how to impress all those white people he meets on a daily basis through his job. 😉

Best Snack to eat while reading this book: Sushi and organic, locally grown fruit… washed down with some Fair Trade coffee.

Best Music to Listen to while reading this book:your iPod play list of Arcade Fire, The Pixies, A Tribe Called Quest, Joanna Newsom and Belle & Sebastian.

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  1. I love that website.

  2. I totally have to check out that website! (And I LOVE the Pixies! I listened to them non-stop in the late 80’s / early 90’s and have just picked them up again.) Thanks for the well wishes! Wow, just call me exclamation point girl.

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