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Indian Delight

428 Washington Street Weymouth, MA 02188

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Due to the unceasing headache that I’d been battling all day I wasn’t up for cooking Sunday dinner.  So, I had the mister stop off at Indian Delight to pick up some take out. 

We have eaten in the dining room at Indian Delight a few times. They must do a steady take-out business since I’ve never seen more than 2 parties in the dining room in the several years that they’ve been open. It is kind of awkward… I always wait for crickets to start chirping or something to fill the silence. As far take-out goes, you can do much worse than Indian Delight in Weymouth.   Indian Delight is something different than the plethora of Pizza and Chinese joints. It is one of the few Indian restaurants on the South Shore.

Indian Delight Take-Out

We order take-out from Indian Delight about 2 times a month. The food is always tasty, if a bit pricey. 
Tonight we had Baingan Bhartha (mashed, spiced roasted eggplant) , Chicken Biryani (basmati rice with chicken & veggies), raita, plain naan, and Peshwary naan.  I can tell when my husband is really loving me when he orders my favorite Peshwary naan. Peshwary naan is naan stuffed with coconut and dried fruit. I love how it meshes with the flavors in the baingan bharhta. My guy doesn’t like the nearly $5 price tag for one piece of Peshwari naan though. He says you can buy it for “less than 50 cents each back home” and that the price they sell it for at Indian Deligth is ridiculous. Ridiculous, but worth it, in my opinion.  mmmmPeshwariNaanMmmmmm.


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